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كارت الاكس ار تو

كارت الاكس ار تو
الشركة : UBNT - Ubiquiti Networks
النوع : XR2
نقاط المكافآت : 0
حالة التوفر : 10
السعر: EGP1,309.100EGP

Price : $130

Product Details :

XtremeRange2 2.4 GHz World's first Carrier Class WiFi Mini-PCI Radio Module 600mW Avg. TX Power and Integrated EMP/ESD Protection Circuitry

Product Description


The XtremeRange series of radio modules by Ubiquiti leverages our strong knowledge and experience gained from customer interactions, field performance evaluations, and lab research; and improves upon the original and highly successful SuperRange series of high-performance 802.11 radio cards. The XtremeRange2 represents the first true carrierclass 802.11b/g-based 2.4GHz radio module specifically designed for mesh, bridging, and infrastructure applications requiring the highest levels of performance and reliability without compromise.

• 600mW Tx power
• -97dBm Rx sensitivity
• MMCX connector
• 5/10/20/40 MHz Channels
• Atheros 5006 chipset based


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